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Compaction Methods

Deep Compaction, a method to improve the load bearing capacity of soil.

According to the kind of soil to be compacted we differentiate between three main methods.

Compaction Equipment

We design and manufacture only electric vibro equipment. 

So you will have no risk of a hydraulic oil accident.

Our References

will show you sites all over the world.

Alaska, Canada, Dubai, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Marocco, Poland, Russia, Singapore, USA.

No Secret ...

Vibro GmbH is selling and producing excellent machines worldwide. With our supply construction companies can do compaction jobs on their own, no need for any subcontractors.

Vibro GmbH, your reliable partner!

For more than 35 years, we have known how to design, use and repair the equipment for vibroflotation and for jet grouting.

In 1992 we started the design, manufacture and supply of Vibro- and Jet Grouting equipment. In 1993 our Vibroflots in Hong Kong and Macau started making sand compaction for container terminals and the runway of Macau Airport.

From 1992 on, we have used our Jet Grouting Equipment for the foundation of sites in Germany. We have repaired the foundation of several churches and old government buildings.

In 1996 we designed the most powerful electric vibrator in the world, the V 48. This 212 kW machine with an eccentric force of 480 kN holds the depth record with more than 70 m. In Germany alone, more than 300 million m3 sand compactions with depths of up to 71 m have been made with these vibros. All these vibros have an electric plug system for a fast and easy vibro changing in vertical position.

In 1997 we finished the design for a stone column vibrator and started the supply. The vibros are called V 330 and are also delivered with an electric plug system.

Vibro GmbH, more than 35 years of experiece.

In 1980 the world depth record for deep compaction was 35 m, in 1995 about 56 m. From 1997 to 2000, the sand compaction with our Vibroflots in the Lausitz in Germany had a standard depth of 55 to 64 m, with a world record at more than 70 m. Our new Vibro Plug System, designed for a depth of 100 m, will make the reclaiming of land much more efficient and cheaper.

Our deep compaction equpment is used in:

Alaska, Canada, Dubai, France, Germany, Hong Kong,  Macau, Malaysia, Marocco, Poland, Russia, Singapore, USA.

Great Support

We give you assitance with the assembly and use of the equipment, as well as showing you on site how to work econonomically.

Individual Instructions

We can hold training sessions with your mechanics for maintenance and repair the equipment in your workshop or in another workshop in your country.