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Compaction Equipment

We design and manufacture only electric vibro equipment. So you would have no risk of a hydraulic oil accident. Also, the compaction depth is not limited by the possible length of the hydraulic hoses. The repair is much simpler and you can use a standard electric power pack.

The names of our vibros stand for the standard eccentric force in kN. We produce vibro equipment from from 50 kW to 350 kW. The electric power of our vibros corresponds to the eccentric force, just like how a bigger truck has also a bigger engine. Also, the diameter of the compacting point must correspond to the depth. So you need a stronger vibro for a deeper depth. Last but not least, bigger machines are more efficient, see our list “Output of the vibros”, The V 500 und V 750  the most powerful electric vibros in the world, were developed with these elementary points in mind.

Depending on the situation, the speed and the amplitude can be adjusted to the soil conditions.

All our vibros have an electric plug system for a fast and easy vibro changing in vertical position. Our new vibro plug system, designed for a depth of 100 m, will make the reclaiming of land more efficient and cheaper.

All our vibros can be assembled with systems for concrete columns or dry bottom feed stone columns. By incorporating all of these variables, the vibro can be adjusted to the most requests.