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Our market position

The general worldwide development asks more and more for higher and heavier buildings. A lot of seaports, airports, railway tracks and roads have to be constructed in soils with bad loading conditions.

Two different types of driving systems are used in the vibrators, one with electric motors and the other with hydraulic motors. The Vibros with electric motors are coming up more and more, because a hydraulic vibro with an engine trouble can contaminate the soil with a lot of oil, and the maximum depth is limited.

Worldwide are working less than 10 notable companies with about 300 Vibroflots on sites, to improve the load-bearing capacity of soil.  We are not the only one company in the world, who is producing Vibroflots. But probable we are the only one company who is designing, developing and supplying the most powerful electric Vibroflots. It goes without saying that we show you how to use and how to repair the machines.

Since the foundation of our company we made not a secret around the Vibroflots. We are producing and selling excellent machines worldwide. With our machines construction companies can work out compaction jobs by here own without any subcontractors.